Chatbots and generative AI

Top three benefits:

  • Reduce costs of marketing, product troubleshooting and after-sales services (for chatbots).
  • Easily personalise content for different customer segments (for both chatbots and AI). 
  • Develop branding, marketing collateral and copy without hiring creative agencies (for generative AI).

Top three challenges:

  • Customers might not have smartphones required to access chatbots.
  • Generative AI has been criticised for reinforcing stereotypes (make sure you always check whether the content might be experienced inappropriately by your customers). 
  • Few providers have a tailored proposition for low-income markets. 

Photo credit: Bopinc



  • DAI shares what does and does not work for chatbots in the development sector.
  • CFI, in partnership with USAID and DAI, created an investor’s guide to promoting equitable use of AI in the inclusive finance sector.
  • Landbot is a chatbot builder that is intuitive to use. 
  • ChatGPT generates human-like text based on context and past conversations. 
  • Dall-E generates images, mostly artistic, that can be used for marketing collateral. 
  • McKinsey writes about the economic potential of generative AI to transform global economies. 
  • Check out this 101 course for small businesses to get started with generative AI.