Our team

The Global Distributors Collective is hosted by Practical Action, alongside strategic and implementing partner Bopinc.

We are governed by a Steering Committee, which consists of representatives from implementing partners, and guided by an Advisory Council, comprised of member representatives and sector experts. Members are heavily involved in planning, implementing and evaluating all GDC activities. As the sector and our membership evolves, we are actively exploring other governance options to ensure that we are fit-for-purpose in the longer term.

We also have a range of supporting partners who provide advice, support and help shape the work of the GDC – and we help them more effectively engage with and support last mile distributors. The GDC was founded by Practical Action, Bopinc and Hystra in 2018; and Hystra continues to work with the GDC as a delivery partner and as a representative on the Advisory Council.

Strategic and implementing partners undertake other projects and consultancies in the last mile distribution sector, which helps to build knowledge and networks that partners can bring to the GDC. Strategic and implementing partners do not use information or contacts gained through the GDC in other work, and all data provided by GDC members to implementing partners is kept confidential.

The team


Russell Lyseight

Jessica Utichi

Charlotte Taylor

Nick Scarborough

Maryanne Kibathi

Synthia Ontita

May Joy Namulembwa

Charlie Miller

Davinia Cogan

Emile Schmitz

Gerwin Jansen

Johan van der Schaaf

Roald Klumpenaar

Advisory Council

The GDC Advisory Council advises on the overall strategy and direction of the GDC, as well as providing feedback and guidance on specific workstreams. The Advisory Council comprises of member representatives and representatives from the wider sector.

Member Representatives

Michael Nimoh

Jodie Wu

Liliane Munezero

Ogwal Joseph

Esther Kabeya

Sector Experts

Lucie Klarsfeld

Kathryn Farley

Nicholas Fusso

Emilio Hernandez-Hernandez

Emma Colenbrander

A big ‘thank you’ to the members of our former Advisory Council, who provided us with invaluable guidance and support in 2021 and 2022. This includes:

Member representatives

  • Esther Altorfer (Sistema Bio)
  • Jim Ayala (Hybrid Social Solutions Inc.)
  • Shani Senbetta (Kidame Mart)
  • Russell Lyseight (Vitalite Zambia)
  • Linda Wamune (Econome)

Sector experts

  • Buks Akinseye (Unilever)
  • Sarah Bieber (Acumen)
  • Christine Eibs Singer (SEforAll)
  • Saul Morris (GAIN)
  • Daniel Waldron (Acumen)

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