Les parcours de croissance et de collecte de fonds des distributeurs du dernier kilomètre (LMD)

Photo credit: Zonful Energy

This webinar presents research on the growth and fundraising journeys of last mile distributors (LMDs), shares first-hand insights from two GDC members on different growth trajectories (Bidhaa Sasa and Zonful Energy), and explores outcomes and next steps from the LMD Investor Forum which was co-hosted by GDC and Acumen in April 2021. The webinar will interest anyone keen to learn about what growth and impact look like in the LMD sector; what capital is needed to support LMDs; and what the barriers are to accessing that capital. The research, which is based on interviews with 21 top-performing LMDs and is supported by UK aid and GET.invest, is available to read online.  

GET.invest is a European programme which aims to mobilise investment in decentralised renewable energy, supported by the European Union, Germany, Sweden, the Netherlands and Austria. 

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