Our members

GDC members are organisations that sell life-changing products to last mile customers: customers who are underserved by the mainstream private sector, because they are low income or live in remote areas, or both. The GDC currently represents over 150 such last mile distributors around the world – from Mexico to Kenya to Papua New Guinea. Below is a snapshot of our membership.

GDC members…

  • Have a presence in over 40 countries, with representation being strongest in East Africa (59%) followed by West Africa, Latin America and South Asia.
  • Sell a range of products, with just over half of members selling more than one type of product; with the most common product categories being solar lights (65%), followed by improved cookstoves (38%).
  • Generally have an annual sales revenue of less than US$1 million per year (true for 90% of members).
  • Use mixed distribution models, with the majority (81%) working through sales agents, proprietary or independent retail outlets (56%) or a combination of the two.
  • Target some of the most underserved customers around the world, with almost 75% of member customers earning less than US$3.20 per person/day (the official World Bank poverty line).