Convening members

The Global Distributors Collective actively works to create dedicated spaces, both virtual and in-person, for members to collaborate, network and share knowledge and experiences on last mile distribution.

We believe that such opportunities are critical for distributors to accelerate their businesses and more effectively and efficiently reach underserved customers with life-changing products.

Member learning and collaboration events

The GDC held its first learning and collaboration event for members in Uganda in July 2019. This was designed in consultation with members brought together 30+ last mile distribution companies with funders and sector specialists. The two day event included site visits to see GDC members in action and interactive expert-led workshops and panels on fundraising, marketing and sales, staff retention and getting investment-ready.

‘The event exceeded my expectations. The sessions were well planned and managed and had the appropriate presenters.’

‘It was a great opportunity to network, learn, share, as well as identify potential partners within Uganda and abroad.’

Webinars and podcasts

The GDC hosts a range of webinars and podcasts to enable the exchange of member insights and learnings. This includes a three-part podcast series in collaboration with Finding Impact; a set of webinars led by the winners of our first Innovation Challenge to find out more about their ideas and how to replicate them; and standalone topical webinars.

Innovation Challenge

Event photos

Webinars and podcasts