Remote product tradeshows on improved cookstoves series



This two-part series of virtual product tradeshows explore commercially viable, high-performing electric pressure cookers and improved biomass cookstoves currently on the market for last mile distributors and their customers. Watch the recordings to hear directly from manufacturers about their products and offerings to distribution partners (e.g., co-branding options, marketing support, cost structure, and after-sales services).

These cookstoves tradeshows follow previous remote tradeshows on refrigerators and solar water pumps and off-grid fans and TVs.

This two-part series was co-hosted by the Global Distributors Collective (GDC), Efficiency for Access, Clean Cooking Alliance (CCA) and Modern Energy Cooking Services (MECS), and supported by UK aid, GET.invest and the IKEA Foundation.

Watch electric pressure cookers tradeshow recording | Download slides

Watch improved biomass cookstoves tradeshow recording | Download slides