Upskilling the last mile: more information

Photo credit: Bopinc
Photo credit: Bopinc


(The first four are mandatory, the last two are optional).

A- Agent training and management

Improve your agent recruitment processes and training programmes. Find out how to design effective incentives and strategies to retain agents, reduce attrition rates and improve your sales.

S- Sustainable communities

Deepen your understanding of your consumers and the communities in which they live. Use research methods to gather consumer insights and learn how to develop, implement and iterate successful demand creation campaigns.

P- Portfolio and demand creation

Investigate how to optimise your product portfolio to ensure viability and impact. Use our cutting-edge MAMILO tool to assess how new products fit into your portfolio. Improve your supply chain management and optimise your use of working capital.

I- IT and digital 

Learn about the different online selling options and best practices for digital marketing, ordering and payments, including digging into case studies highlighting digital delivery and after-sales services.

R- Route to market and supply chain

Understand and compare four distribution models to reach your customers. Use our unique tool to make informed decisions when expanding your agent network into new areas.

E- Enterprise and finance

Build the right content to gain visibility on your financing needs and make a case to potential funders, with confidence.


A- Attracting customers 

Enable agents to better understand consumers, develop their ‘sales persona’, and create a marketing strategy based on the ATEAR model (Attract, Trust, Experience, Action, Retention).

B- Balancing finances

Develop agents’ skills in accounting and book-keeping, through the provision of easy-to-use tools and simple money management tips on eg. stock, loans, household expenses and savings.

C- Closing sales

Provide agents with methods to better connect with different prospects and tools to convince prospects to make purchases – i.e. through drawing on socio-economic rationale. Build agents’ skills in dealing with objections and developing their own ‘selling routine’.

D- Digital marketing and sales

Guide agents to set up and implement their own digital approach, which is appropriate for the digital capabilities and opportunities of your company’s consumers.

Photo credits: Bopinc

Photo credit: Bopinc