Upskilling the last mile: Module summaries

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Training Package 1 – Strategies for accelerating growth at the last mile

Aimed at senior managers working in last mile distribution companies
Module 1: Route-to-market and supply chain

Gain insights into the typical dynamics and challenges that arise within your supply chain, and discover effective strategies to tackle them. Embrace best practices and learn to make the right trade-offs to enhance your supply chain processes, leading to smoother operations and business growth.

Module 2: Enterprise and finance

Discover the ins and outs of common distribution models, including hybrid approaches, and explore their potential evolution over time. Uncover innovative techniques to adapt and future-proof your business’s distribution strategies, and build a robust financial model around them to ensure financial stability.

Module 3: Fundamentals of finance

Ensure your financials are ready to share with investors, by demystifying and improving your financial statements (income statement and balance sheet). Ensure you are capturing unit economics in a clear and compelling way. Learn how to present and articulate your business’s profit margins, and path to profitability, to investors.

Module 4: Investment readiness

Explore the fundamentals of investment readiness and understand how to evaluate whether your business is primed for investment. Gain valuable insights into persuading potential investors to support your venture, and learn how to craft a compelling pitch that maximises your chances of securing funding and prepares your business for future growth opportunities.

Training package 2 – Achieving operational excellence at the last mile

Aimed at middle managers working in last mile distribution companies
*This training package also includes a set of bonus modules to cascade to your sales agents – see more details in the FAQ section* 
Module 1: Agent recruitment and management

Learn effective ways of recruiting, onboarding, and motivating agents to build a loyal and dedicated team. Explore best practices for remote agent management and hone your coaching skills to bring your agents’ performance to the next level. This will help you create a thriving agent network that drives lasting success for your company.

 Module 2: Sustainable communities

Unlock strategies for gathering valuable consumer insights to gain a detailed understanding of your customers, enabling you to tailor your offerings to their needs. Dive into the complexities of area selection and overcome challenges by discovering key criteria that will help you to make informed decisions on the most profitable selling locations.

Module 3: Portfolio selection

Explore new strategies and tactics to create powerful marketing campaigns that boost your sales. Uncover opportunities for expanding your product portfolio and master the decision-making criteria needed to grow your business most effectively.

Module 4: IT & digital

Learn techniques to drive the adoption of digital ordering and payment solutions that will make your business processes more efficient, and explore practical strategies to implement these solutions. Moreover, discover the power of digital marketing to boost sales while keeping marketing costs down.


  • What do the bonus modules for sales agents include?


    Included in training package 2, these highly tactical modules for sales agents will be accompanied with resources to help you cascade these learnings to your agents. We will be translating them into different local languages, so let us know in your application form which languages would be most useful!
    Module 1: Attract customers

    Learn how best to market products to consumers, depending on the distribution model.

    Module 2: Balance finances

    Learn about bookkeeping best practices, to track financial progress and make informed decisions.

     Module 3: Sales effectiveness

    Learn best practices on how to sell products to maximise sales.

     Module 4: Digital marketing & sales

    Learn the benefits of digital marketing and how you can take advantage of them as a sales agent.

  • What if I still have questions?

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The training programme is funded with UK Aid from the UK government, via the Transforming Energy Access platform.