Upskilling the last mile: Training for last mile distributors

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A practical, flexible online learning programme for last mile distributors (LMDs). This training will enable LMDs to tackle business challenges and build more efficient, resilient sales agent networks.

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Kicking off in Spring 2024! A bespoke training programme for last mile distributors

Upskilling the last mile is a management and sales training programme, which builds on learnings from previous GDC training cohorts. It will enable last mile distributors (LMDs) to tackle different challenges such as agent recruitment and management, articulating your value proposition, calculating profit margins, and digitalising your operations. The upcoming spring 2024 programme will have two training packages; one each for senior managers and operational or “middle” managers.

Module summaries

“It was a great course! Very interesting and informative. The mode of delivery was also engaging because we could relate the modules with our day to day activities and ask questions and the whole process turned out to be fun”

GDC member based in Kenya, selling clean lighting, cookstoves, fuels, appliances, and agricultural equipment.

Eligibility requirements



The 2024 cohort is open to African francophone countries and those who may be in other regions around the world and are keen to take the training.


You sell beneficial household products that contribute to one of more of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

Time commitment:

About 2.5 hours per week


  • What is the cost?

    Training package 1, for senior managers = $200 USD per organisation

    Training package 2, for middle managers (and sales agents) = $200 USD per organisation

    Or buy both together and save $100! Training packages 1 and 2 (when purchased together) = $300

  • What is the language of delivery?

    All online content and any in-person trainings for training packages 1 and 2 will be in English language.

    We will be translating the four sales agent training modules (included in training package 2) into a range of local languages, to help you cascade learnings to your sales agents. Please tell us in your application which languages would be most beneficial.

  • What is included?

    We will have online modules in each package; virtual and in-person learning sessions with last mile distribution experts (including up to two hours of one-to-one support from a last mile distribution expert); and training resources available in different languages to enable you to cascade key learnings to sales agents.

  • What do the training modules cover?

    Training package 1 – Strategies for accelerating growth at the last mile (for LMD senior managers)

    Senior manager modules: Route-to-market and supply chain, enterprise and finance, fundamentals of finance, and investment readiness

    Training package 2 – Achieving operational excellence at the last mile (for LMD middle managers and agents)

    Middle manager modules: Agent recruitment and management, sustainable communities, portfolio selection and IT & digital

    Agents modules: Attract customers, balance your finance, sales effectiveness, and digital marketing & sales

    Visit here for more details.

  • Which online platform will we use?


  • Will there be any in-person or face-to-face training, or is the programme delivered entirely online?

    Most of the training will take place online.

  • Can I still sign up if I have limited access to digital devices and the internet?

    As most of the training will take place online, we do not recommend that you sign up unless you have access to the internet.

    If you are a middle manager intending to cascade learnings to your sales agents, we will provide a set of offline resources to help you do this.

The benefits

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For senior managers:

Develop your strategic and leadership skills, and learn about how to grow your last mile distribution company.

For middle managers:

Build your knowledge and know-how on critical areas of distribution, and cascade learnings to your sales agents.

For companies:

Increase your business’ efficiency as your team develops core skills to help drive sales.

“I was satisfied with the content though short but precise, it met my expectations and also the workload was sufficient.””

East Africa-based GDC Member selling clean lighting, cookstoves and fuels.

88% of distributors who participated in cohort 1 would recommend this training programme to their peers

The training programme has been funded with UK aid from the UK government, via the Transforming Energy Access platform.