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Loan Performer is is a Multi-User MIS application for micro-finance. It combines basic client data with shares, savings and loan transactions and every entry is automatically updated in the general ledger.

It can import data from Excel and all reports can be exported to PDF, Excel, DBF, HTML, XML. It has an API for integration with third party software e.g SMS messaging facilities or mobile money transfers to/from the savings or loans account.

Loan Performer is a brand name in the microfinance industry. It is a first-class Management Information System used by some 400 micro-finance institutions in 50 different countries all over the world. The users are savings and credit cooperatives, credit unions, rural banks, money lenders and other financial institutions. Loan Performer can handle individual clients, groups and group members and SMEs. It is user-friendly and easy-to-learn. It integrates basic client data with shares, savings, time-deposits, loans. It has a general ledger with purchases, assets, debtors and creditors. All transactions are automatically booked. It has advanced features such as SMS banking, fingerprint scanning, wide-area networking, poverty assessment. It is multi-currency and multi-language, it can be installed as a standalone application, on a local area network or in a wide-area network. Crystal Clear Software Ltd makes sure its clients are satisfied with Loan Performer. It does this by implementing Loan Performer, training its clients and providing excellent online support.

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very technical
Dec 16th 2020
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