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TaroWorks’ mobile, offline field service app helps users in remote areas collect and analyze field data in real-time for business decision-making. It tracks field agents and enables business operations like supply chain logistics, sales, product maintenance and case management in the last mile. A two-way flow of information also allows documents, tasks, performance metrics and media files to be pushed out to any field agent’s mobile device.

TaroWorks also offers tools to help last mile distributors make sales, manage orders, track warehouse inventory, assemble products and deliver goods to customers even when they are working in remote areas with limited internet or mobile data access.

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Member Reviews
Moldable, adaptable
ugly interface
Jan 14th 2021
offline data access, easy to implement data surveys
can be buggy
Jan 4th 2021
It works offline, in incredibly remote environments.
It can be a little finicky at times.
Dec 18th 2020
mobile first
nascent tool
Dec 18th 2020
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