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Upya Technologies: Designed for emerging markets, Upya provides all the digital tools distributors need to run a thriving and fully digitised frontier distribution business.

One place to sell anything: Distributors can manage the entire distribution operation through the Upya platform, including Pay-As-You-Go-enabled products, serialised or non-serialised goods, and related services.

Multi distribution channels: Upya’s service can support distributors that run an agent network, a shop network or a franchise network; and those that sell online, in one country or across many.

Collect data on/offline: Data is key and frontier sales often happen offline. Upya enables distributors to collect data in the last mile on- and offline.

Collect payments: Whether via cash, mobile money or bank transfers, Upya’s Payment Gateway helps to make customers’ experience seamless.

Manage it all centrally: Inventory management, sales management, after-sales management, salesforce management. Across one or multiple sales channels. Manage everything from one place.

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Member Reviews
Easy to use and does not require a lot of IT knowledge to use it
Its just to good for me and my team.
Jan 12th 2021
It is versatile and friendly to manage.
It needs to allow several officers to work on one agent's system. Currently, it is only one officer that can work at a time.
Jan 12th 2021
Can track individual transaction history
Not intergrated with many manufacturers
Jan 12th 2021
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